The history of the world is crossing conflicts and truces alternately.

For this observation, « Passive Offensive » develops an intellectual journey, visual and tactile reflecting the inherent dialectic of these two states.

Embroidery is presented as a medium for expressing our feelings intimate listening to repeated acts of violence daily, monthly, annually to local, national and international.

Textiles and artistic expression are conducive to the exaltation of images at once tough and delicate of armed conflict – the earth fragments, light nets gunfirethe, fumes cannons. What follows is the return to calm, the appropriation of a new decor where time is suspended. This state is in permanent tension and can break at any moment. Thus, for the operation of the textile, needle and hook, « textile reporting » is written.
By using and linking raw materials, thick, irregular in gauzy fabrics, translucent and work points associated with various supplies, committed lexical fields and aesthetics that reveal the history of our humanity crossing wars and peace.
« Passive Offensive » allows a frontal relation, intellectual and bodily with embroidery ; to live tissue, to feel his tensions