Publications (en)

Décember 2014

« The Craft between tradition and creation » published by Ocean Press and written by Delphine Jeanneau.

Presse océan 14 déc 2014

October 2014

Twinkling in the London quarterly The Hat Magazine.

September 2014

New article of Miss Glitzy, Collaboration Ekceli X Barons Papillom ! Thanks !

Article Miss Glitzy

July 2014

Article of concept-store My Tendance Company, Collaboration Ekceli X Barons Papillom !

my tendance compagny

April 2014

Interview by the british plateform of designers and manufacturers Utelier, Thank you so much Layla Webster !

Interview Utelier

There is talk of the Ekceli Magazine Idîle, Brief p.12

March 2014

Thank you to the friendly pen of Aurore Quémard,  L’agenda de la Nantaise !

Article Agenda de la Nantaise

February 2014

Published by the US Fashion Trend Forecasting and Analysis,

January 2014

Article published by Numéro Chik, Nantes women’s magazine

Publication Numéro Chik

December 2013

Article written and edited by Recens Paper

November 2013

Article edited by Ouest-France,Brest Edition,

published on 11/10/13 and written by Aourell Guivarch-Tonnard

Ekceli : Brest inspire des broderies

October 2013

Article written and edited by Miss Glitzy


September 2013

The press review Le Cuir à Paris

Published by the US Fashion Trend Forecasting and Analysis,

April 2013

Vidéo conducted by Télénantes under the initiative of the Chamber of Trades and Craft.


March 2013

Interview by the Pronoce company, Marriage provider online.

Interview Pronoce