To make the material say all that it has to tell us

In the manner of a painter who runs with great impulses across the surface of his canvas ; of a sculptor who models, turns around his object and in the manner of an ironworker who hammers and forges his metal, Marie gives impetus to the gesture to hold the gaze and provoke a surprise in the space. From embroidery to textile goldsmithing, she has progressively opened up her technique and materials to new, empirical and non-academic assemblages, allowing her to create light, movement and volume. The lamé and cannetille gradually unfold in high relief. The techniques and supplies are rewritten according to our temporality and our contemporaneity.





Two artistic and aesthetic orientations are expressed

The Decorative Arts collection

The Decorative Arts Collection questions an ornamental current.

For example, the Jouy and Indian fabrics of the 17th century were a subject of study and textile expression. The scales were exaggerated. The colors of the prints have given way to a shade of gold in bas-relief.

The Pictorial collection

The pictorial collection responds to abstraction, to the expression of textures by following the pre-existing drawings of the material such as the wrinkles of the leather, the fading of a textile.

The embroidery and the different materials come to underline these lines, to give birth to unexpected textures, to create trompe-l’oeil, to make confront materials.